Leafy Lettuce Wraps

Guest Post: Hi quicksnackshack-ers! My name is Rachel. I blog about healthy eating/living for college students at Eat, Gym, Study.

You’ll hear from a lot of people say that college is intensely different from high school. This is true, but some things do stay the same–and one of those things is snacking. It’s hard to find healthy snacks to reach for after classes are done for the day. Here’s an idea for easy, yummy, and healthy snacks: lettuce wraps!

It’s really simple to make lettuce wraps. Just think of a food combination you like and roll it into a piece of lettuce. In the steps below, I will show you how to make a hummus and red pepper wrap:


  • Lettuce
  • Hummus
  • Peppers


1. Wash a piece of lettuce

2. Spread hummus on it

3. Slide and add red peppers

4. Add whatever else you like; I added jalepeno peppers

Even though these are healthy, they’re actually really delicious.

Check out some of these other lettuce-wrap recipes, or make up your own!


2 thoughts on “Leafy Lettuce Wraps

    • Thank you! If you want to read about more healthy recipes, you should check out Rachel’s blog. Also, you could take a look at the featured recipe of the week or my post The Apple of My Eye!

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