Eggs-traordinary Breakfast

About the Author:  Jos B. is high school student with a passion for cooking. She owns her own blog at 

Eggs in a Nest

First, I must say that this recipe is egg-cellent.  I know egg puns are cheesy, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to tell one, just like I can’t resist the temptation of this dish.  What could possibly be more fulfilling than eating a warm piece of whole wheat toast and a superbly scrambled egg in the morning?  Nothing…except this recipe.  This is a little recipe appropriately named Eggs in a Nest.  It combines eggs and toast with a bit of olive oil into one fun-filled party of awesomeness.  When they are together the world is happy because they are perfect together and they want to be together.  So, why not just put them into one super quick, super amazing dish?  

Time: 5 minutes


snack foods1 egg

1 slice of whole wheat bread

2 tsp Olive oil

Salt and Pepper(optional)


1.) Crack egg into bowl and beat with fork.  Add salt and pepper to taste

2.) Use a cookie cutter or cup to cup hole or shape out of middle of the bread

3.) Heat olive oil in pan over medium heat. Put bread on pan and pour egg into the hole. When egg sets on one side, flip entire thing.  Transfer to plate

4.) Cook bread cut out on both sides in pan

5.) Enjoy!

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