5 Steps to Rambunctious Ramen

How to Make Your Ramen Noodles More Interesting

What’s better than one pack of Ramen noodles? Two packs of Ramen noodles!  Now that’s what I call oodles of noodles(insert laugh track here).  There are so many ways to make these noodles.  It’s like eating a different meal every time you eat them.  It’s ridiculously awesome.  So why would you eat boring noodles when you can have awesome noodles?!  

Here are 5 ways to jazz-up your next bowl of Ramen:

1.)  Add seasonings.  Add whatever seasonings you eat at home!  Use the seasoning packet and your extra seasonings.  Not only will it taste less synthetic, it will also make your noodles special.  Special noodles are happy noodles and happy noodles taste better.  I recommend adding a bit of garlic power with a tiny amount of basil.

2.) Add shrimp.  If you want your noodles to be more of a meal than a snack, this is a quick, easy, and cheap way to make dinner.  If the shrimp are frozen, thaw them out, season them, and saute them in pan over medium heat.

3.) Add veggies.  A simple can of mixed vegetables will work wonderfully for this step.  Now you can enjoy the deliciousness that is Ramen noodles AND get those nutrients that Mom is always telling you about.  You could combine veggies, shrimp, and seasonings to make a very interesting, yummy combo

4.) Make Spaghetti.  Tired or using that same chicken, shrimp, and beef flavors?  Then I have the answer: Use your noodles and noodles and save the flavor packet for later.  Check out my recipe for spaghetti using ramen noodles!

5.) Add friends.  Have a noodle party!  Invite a few friends over and enjoy your snacks.  Food always(mostly) tastes better when you’re sharing it with friends. Don’t literally add you friends to you noodles though.  That wouldn’t taste very good.

What are ways you guys like to “spice-up” your ramen noodles?  Tell me your ideas and what you think in a comment, on Facebook, or Twitter!


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