Thanksgiving and Chips!

I think I found a new snack to try! Have you ever had these BLT chips before? I can’t wait to try them!
I hope you all had a great Thankgiving and ate lots and lots(and lots and lots) of deeelicious food!!! Tell me your favorite holiday food in a comment or on Facebook!


Krazy for Krave

I have a problem.  I’m  addicted to Krave cereal.  Seriously, this is the best cereal I’ve ever(EVER) tasted in my life.  Frosted flakes can’t compete.  Fruit loops might as well just be taken off of the grocery store shelves.  Even Cocoa Puffs can not be compared to the awesome chocolaty wonder that is Krave cereal.  If you want a quick, healthy, cheap, chocolaty snack, this is the cereal for you.  This doesn’t even require milk!  Think of it as a mini chocolate bar that has a whole wheat outside.  I would say more but I need to get back to my cereal!

Featured Recipe of the Week!

This week’s featured recipe will be Guilt-Free Root Beer Float.  This recipe was sent in by a viewer:

Put a scoop or two of non-fat frozen yogurt in a bowl or glass, and pour diet root beer or your favorite diet soda on top! It’s that easy and fast to make a cold, creamy treat to indulge your sweet tooth without the calories.

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Featured Recipe of the Week!

Starting this week, I’m going to start doing something new on this blog.  I’m going to select one viewer’s recipe per week and post it!  The chosen recipe will be featured for the whole week in the side bar and everyone will see it’s awesomeness.  So, start sending in the recipes on comments, Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr if you would like the chance to get your recipe featured!

What Snacks Did I Eat Today?

Today, I went to Vaccaro’s Italian Pastries in Baltimore with friends for dessert. The first thing I noticed in the shop was how big and delicious everyone else’s dessert looked. Then, I stared in awe at the amazing selection of desserts displayed in the front of the shop. The only thing I could think to say was “wow.” All this happened before we were even seated. The desserts were huge, the drinks were huge, but the prices weren’t. The desserts were amazing, and the portions were so big that I barely managed to finish half of my cake!